a women's (trans & non-binary inclusive) track team

About Fuerza Cycling

FUERZA (pronounced fware-sa) is Spanish for "force, strength, and boldness". It is a rallying cry that means, "we're stronger when we work together." We embody these values in how we carry ourselves on the track and off. We're a team of 11 women from the Twin Cities. We race track, party on bikes, and give back to our community. 

Our team is open all women-identified (trans-inclusive) and non-binary riders.

We're not currently recruiting new members, but we will likely be recruiting again in January of 2018.

Our values


At our most basic level, Fuerza promotes cycling through leading by example. Our team represents strong, positive athletes who are dedicated to team advancement along a broad range of developmental stages.


Fuerza’s goal is to function as developmental organization by providing new cyclists a positive support network with which to recruit and retain women, trans, and non-binary individuals in competitive cycling. Fuerza looks to change the identity of competitive cycling, starting with our own team.


As a team, Fuerza works to remove obstacles that would prevent members from participating in competitive cycling. We also partner with local nonprofits in order to lend a hand to other folks in our communities.


The Team

Audrey Axt

Occupation: Art director/designer
Racing Discipline: track, gravel
Extracurriculars: kendo, play in a band
What are your goals? Seize the means of production. Overthrow the bourgeoisie.
Where is your favorite place to ride? Downtown because everyone yells at you and it’s terrifying.
Favorite snack food? KIMCHI

Brenda Croell

Occupation: Grad student/Paraprofessional
Racing Discipline: Track, cyclocross
Extracurriculars: Hanging with my anxiety ridden dog, hunting for vintage treasures, and traveling.
What are your goals? Make new friends. Party on my bike. Go faster.
Where is your favorite place to ride? Trout Run Trail in Decorah, IA. It’s a hilly, beautiful, 12 mile loop and conveniently goes by an ice cream shop and brewery.
Weird hobby? Agate/Fossil hunting. I used to look for dinosaur bones a lot as a child, and it has kind of evolved into collecting pretty rocks.

Amanda Harvey

Occupation: Number cruncher
Racing Discipline: Track, cyclocross
Extracurriculars: Manager of the fur output of 2 dogs and a cat, reader, baker of sweet treats, rock climber
What are your goals? To help make a strong and supportive team of awesome WTFs. Personally, to get stronger and train harder than I ever have.
Where is your favorite place to ride? Through my neighborhood in south Minneapolis, looking at all the old houses.
Favorite snack food? Sausage and cheese kolaches from Yeast Nashville.

Ashley Lang

Occupation: Resident Director
Racing Discipline: Track, cyclocross
Extracurriculars: Board Games, Reading, Camping and hiking
What are your goals? To break down barriers that make WTFs feel like racing is not for them. To go hella fast with my team and make a name for Fuerza.
Where is your favorite place to ride? Diagonal Trail
Favorite snack food? Poutine.

Tegan Mirovsky

Occupation: Leader for lululemon athletica
Racing Discipline: Track
Extracurriculars: Harping, playing with cats
What are your goals? I want to be faster and an ambassador to those who might be too afraid to race!
Where is your favorite place to ride? The ride to St. Paul from South Minneapolis is pretty great.
Favorite snack food? ANYTHING PICKLED!

Anna Schmitz

Occupation: Digital Marketing Strategist for ShareProgress, a small progressive tech start-up. I write weird blog posts and figure out how nonprofits can do better online.
Racing Discipline: Track, cyclocross
Extracurriculars: I volunteer at Boneshaker Books, powerlift, and watch a lot of early ‘00s hip-hop music videos.
What are your goals? I want to feel confident racing and making moves on the banked track! And I want to help build up a team of ass-kicking WTFs that feels welcoming and accepting to folks next year.
Where is your favorite place to ride? Across the Marshall Ave/Lake Street bridge at night.
Favorite snack food? Creating a blenderless smoothie by eating frozen fruit and a banana at the same time really quickly.

Hilary Wilde

Occupation: Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Educator....aka the vegetable evangelist
Racing Discipline: Track, gravel, and I want to try a mountain bike race for the first time!
Extracurriculars: Checking out new food items, eating awesome food at local restaurants, powerlifting to make my booty dangerous.
What are your goals? Have fun and push my legs to new speeds.
Where is your favorite place to ride? The punishing hills and gravel roads of Stillwater, then sip on a brew after a kick ass ride.
Favorite pop star? Beyonce all the way